Workplace Injury Treatment in Austin, TX

Are You a Candidate For Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

If you’re grappling with pain stemming from a workplace injury, rest assured, you’re not alone. Millions of workers are affected by workplace pain annually, resulting in significant costs for employers due to workmen’s compensation claims and lost productivity.

Regrettably, various occupations impose significant physical demands, particularly on the back, shoulders, and neck. Surprisingly, even seemingly routine office work can lead to back pain and other work-related issues.

Impact of Lost Work Days

Each year, approximately 186 million workdays are lost due to back pain alone, exerting a profound effect on productivity and labor costs. While back pain stands out as the most prevalent workplace injury, other risks include overexertion, falls, and repetitive motion injuries.

A workplace safety study conducted by Liberty Mutual in 2012 revealed staggering figures, indicating that the cost of the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses amounted to $51.1 billion annually in workmen’s compensation expenses.

Factors Contributing to Workplace Pain

A study by the Mayo Clinic identified common factors contributing to workplace pain:

  • Force: Lifting and moving heavy objects can strain the back, leading to injury.
  • Repetition: Repeated movements can cause muscle fatigue and injury, particularly when performed within the limits of range of motion or in awkward body positions.
  • Posture: Poor posture, such as slouching, can exacerbate back’s natural curves, resulting in muscle fatigue and injury.
  • Stress: Workplace pressure can elevate anxiety levels, directly contributing to muscle tension and tightness, thereby exacerbating back pain or worsening existing injuries.

Effects of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries, including lower back pain, can extend beyond the workplace and affect various aspects of life. Some individuals return to work despite pain, fearing repercussions on their careers if they report their condition. Others worry about job continuity due to their injury, while some neglect personal aspects of life while dealing with pain and injury flare-ups.

Spinal Decompression Treatment for Workplace Injuries

Nobody should endure workplace pain. If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, consider gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment as an option. By gently decompressing affected areas and restoring them to normalcy, our spinal disc doctors can alleviate your pain and facilitate your swift recovery.

If you or someone you know suffers from pain due to a workplace injury, reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation. Our medical professionals can assess whether gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment is a suitable option for addressing your pain effectively.

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