Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Austin, TX

Peripheral neuropathy is a distressing ailment affecting millions of Americans annually, resulting from damage or disease in the nerves transmitting messages from the brain and spinal cord to the body.

Originating in the spinal cord, peripheral nerves extend along body lines known as dermatomes. Damage to these nerves can disrupt one or more dermatomes, leading to pain radiating to specific body areas.

This nerve damage impedes brain-body communication, hinders muscle function, dampens sensation in limbs, and can cause intense pain.

Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy Causes

Peripheral neuropathy stems from various factors, including diabetes, inadequate nutrition, diseases, or infections. Additionally, hereditary factors may contribute, although less frequently. In some cases, the exact cause remains elusive, termed idiopathic neuropathy, affecting up to a third of individuals in Austin, TX with peripheral neuropathy.

Approaches to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Treatment varies based on the condition’s type and severity. Some individuals find relief through anti-seizure medications, while others benefit from antidepressants. Capsaicin cream is also employed to offer modest symptom improvement.

Alleviating Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Given the debilitating nature of peripheral neuropathy, alleviating pain stands as a primary treatment objective.

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